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Thread: Zoomer, robotic dog, Spin Master Corp., Toronto, Canada

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    Zoomer Bentley Robotic Pet Puppy Unboxing & Playing

    Published on Jan 3, 2016

    Zoomer's best friend Bentley interactive robotic pet puppy unboxing and playing.

    Hes a great interactive pet toy for kids. Bentley is a free roaming robot dog toy which has many features including he can roll over, make puppy noises, chase his tail, play dead, shake a paw, speak, play music and various other tricks and commands.

    He responds to voice commands and he can sense objects around him and interact with other Zoomer Pets.

    Bentley can be charged by a USB cable which is included.
    Howto & Style

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    Zoomer Playful Pup at Toy Fair 2018!

    Published on Mar 20, 2018

    We check out the Zoomer Playful Pup at the Spin Master booth at Toy Fair 2018!

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    New Zoomer Playful Pup by Spin Master UNBOXING

    Published on Sep 28, 2018

    Unboxing the brand new Zoomer Playful Pup! This bot is not fully released at the time of posting, but is expected to show up in stores very soon and is available from some online retailers at the moment. I had trouble finding videos of this robot aside from the ones at Toy Fair, so hopefully this is helpful to some people! I want to note that I missed the quick start guide which was hidden in the cardboard of the box, along with a note about potential leg issues.

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    Zoomer | Playful Pup | How-to video

    Published on Oct 1, 2018

    Learn everything you need to know about your new best friend, Zoomer Playful Pup! With voice command, name him and he’ll respond to your voice! Teach him over 20 tricks and call him by his name to unlock even more special tricks! Give him lots of cuddles and belly rubs to hear a special “I ruv roo!”

    Zoomer Playful Pup is the interactive dog that moves and sounds just like a real dog! Using voice recognition, Playful Pup will respond to your voice and touch with barks and special tricks. Name your pup and teach him to perform over 20 different tricks, like: shake a paw, roll over and more! Once you’ve given your Playful Pup a name, you can unlock even more special tricks! His eyes will change color to let you know how he’s feeling – give him lots of belly rubs and cuddles and he’ll respond with cute puppy sounds and a special “I ruv roo!” With fuzzy ears, a floppy tongue and wiggly tail, Playful Pup is full of life and ready to walk, bounce pounce and play!

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