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    Smart rings to rule them all

    Published on Feb 4, 2016

    Until truly great natural-recognition gesture tech catches on and we get RFID chips embedded in our forearms, smart rings could be the closest thing to truly seamless wearable technology.

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    Smart ring helps people with sickle cell disease monitor blood oxygen levels

    Published on Jan 4, 2019

    New York-based designer Hussain Almossawi has created a smart ring for people with sickle cell disease that allows them to monitor and detect low blood oxygen levels.

    Called Oxygem, the wearable technology features a minimal design and an interface that changes colour from blue to red to indicate the amount of oxygen saturation in the blood.

    Sickle cell disease is a genetic disease where deformed red blood cells stick together and block oxygen from flowing through the body. This can lead to intense pain and organ damage.

    Oxygem measures the level of oxygen in the user's bloodstream using built-in sensors that alert the patient with updates on the ring interface and corresponding phone app. In cases of emergency, the device is programmed to notify local ambulance services to the whereabouts of the wearer.

    The product allows people with sickle cell disease to self-monitor the levels of oxygen in their blood, reducing the risk of infections and death.

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    Article "Smart Rings Are Picking Up Where Fitness Trackers Left Off"
    Commentary: Smartwatches overtook fitness bands, but smart rings are showing up as the new simple fitness tracker.

    by Lisa Eadicicco
    February 29, 2024

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