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Thread: Parrot Flower Power, Parrot SA, Paris, France

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    Parrot Flower Power, Parrot SA, Paris, France

    Manufacturer - Parrot SA

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    Publish on Dec 16, 2013

    Who hasn't dreamed of receiving expert advice on growing tomato plants or other vegetables on a balcony, citrus in a living room, or gerbera daisies in a garden?

    Introducing Parrot Flower Power

    Published on Oct 23, 2013

    A wireless Bluetooth low-energy sensor for your plants that will inform you of their needs thanks to a dedicated application.

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    Parrot Flower Power scientific experience with Wageningen UR

    Published on Apr 25, 2014

    Parrot Flower Power 60-day Scientific Experience: 500 plants, 19 Species and 150 sensors used in 68 separate simultaneous studies.

    Parrot and Wageningen University designed a 2-month study to test the thresholds of plant growth.
    Watch how they brought this amazing experience to life with Parrot Flower power and the knowledge of great botanists.

    Parrot Flower Power is accompanied by a free dedicated application, downloadable on AppStore
    Very intuitive, it provides access to rich content and specific advice on the maintenance of plants.

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    Parrot's Flower Power muffles your plant's voice

    Published on Jun 3, 2014

    This smart plant sensor has lots of features, but struggles with specificity and communication.

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    Обзор Parrot Flower Power. Гаджетариум, выпуск 51

    Published on Jun 17, 2014

    Обзор Parrot Flower Power. Гаджетариум, выпуск 51<br />Детальная информация о данном гаджете -

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    Parrot Flower Power - Seasonality & Gauges

    Published on Apr 20, 2015

    Our engineers Matthew and Amaury tell you all about these features!

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