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Thread: Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch), automotive components, industrial and building products, Stuttgart, Germany

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    Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch), automotive components, industrial and building products, Stuttgart, Germany

    Website -

    Robert Bosch GmbH on Wikipedia

    Mayfield Robotics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch North America Corporation.


    Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence

    Projects and products:

    smart Bosch solutions for cities

    Bosch eBike Systems

    Bosch automated driving, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

    Bosch ConnectedWorld

    Bosch Indego 1200 Connect, robotic lawnmower

    V-Charge: Fully automated valet parking and charging using only low-cost sensors

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    Bosch is shaping the connected world: Labrador Paul and the sensors

    Published on Apr 29, 2014

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    Robotertechnik: APAS family auf der Hannover Messe 2014

    Published on May 12, 2014

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    Bosch at CES 2016: Smart Home

    Published on Jan 7, 2016

    Smart homes have gone from being a pipedream to a reality, as visitors to CES 2016 can experience at this year's Bosch booth.

    To make life at home safer and more convenient, Bosch connects devices not only to the internet but also with each other, via a new single system platform. And all devices can be easily controlled via one app.

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    Bosch breaks into smart home security with three new gadgets

    Published on Aug 31, 2016

    Headlined by a camera that plays hide and seek, Bosch's connected gadgets keep watch over your home.

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    Your Personal Assistant: It's all about you!

    Published on Jan 3, 2017

    Imagine you had a personal companion or guardian angel in every sphere of life. Someone who always knew whether you left the oven on – even if you were already on your way to the office.

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