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Thread: Duino-Robotics, Jaidyn Edwards, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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    Duino-Robotics, Jaidyn Edwards, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

    Author - Jaidyn Edwards

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    Robot Fundamentals - Programming Your Robots (Part 1)

    Published on Nov 1, 2013

    In this Robot Fundamental I show how to program your robots. Using basic steps it is possible to break down code into more manageable pieces that even the most novice of programmers can do. Through means of checklisting and flowcharting you will be able to write your code much easier and more efficiently.

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    Robot Fundamentals - Programming Your Robots (Part 2)

    Published on Nov 5, 2013

    In this second part of 'Programming Your Robots' we will look at breaking code up into manageable parts. We then look at combining smaller sketches into a larger more complicated sketch.

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    Face Tracking with OpenCV, Processing and Arduino

    Published on Nov 19, 2013

    In this video I attempt to explain how I used OpenCV, Processing and Arduino to create a face tracking system that can be used in your robot projects. I didn't really want to do this video as I don't really fully understand the system myself (I learnt bits and pieces from all over the place) so don't judge me Hopefully you learn something from this and can adapt it into your own robots.

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    Review - Insectbot Mini by DFRobot

    Published on Jan 10, 2014

    Today I will be reviewing the DFRobot Insectbot. It's a cheap and awesome looking robot kit that is great value for money.

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