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Thread: Aeromapper Talon UAV, fixed-wing drone, Aeromao, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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    Aeromapper Talon UAV, fixed-wing drone, Aeromao, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Manufacturer - Aeromao

    Home page -

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    Aeromapper Talon UAV mapping drone

    Published on May 14, 2014

    The Aeromapper Talon offers the easiest way to achieve professional georeferenced DEMs and orthomosaics. Features a EPO foam body, parachute landing system, 16 Mp camera with Voigtlander lens (the best optics for UAV mapping), fully autonomous flight, handlaunch (no launcher required!). Also includes long range control and long range data link (20kms both). All units arre delivered flight tested and ready to fly.

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    Aeromapper Talon UAV: map anywhere!

    Published on Jul 2, 2015

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    Aeromapper Talon launches

    Published on Jan 7, 2016

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    Why vertical takeoff when you have the Aeromapper Talon?

    Published on Feb 4, 2016

    Aeromapper Talon mapping machine:
    - 45 degree climb angle, full payload and no wind
    - Easy parachute landings: recover it in confined spaces with consistency, every time
    - 80 minutes endurance
    - 24 Mp camera, NIR and Thermal camera options available
    - Super simple to operate
    - Long range links (+20 kms)
    - Fully autonomous, of course!
    - Excellent customer support
    - No training required
    - Complete all in one solution. Image processig softwares available

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    Aeromapper Talon: designed for ease of use, multi-sensor and affordability in mind

    Published on Sep 26, 2016

    There's just no other UAV package for professional surveying and agriculture like the Aeromapper Talon.

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    Commercial grade AMPHIBIAN fixed wing drone

    Published on Oct 31, 2018

    The Amphibious version of the Aeromapper Talon allows maritime operations by autonomously belly landing on water. It’s the perfect solution for aerial observation, data collection and mapping thanks to its dual camera set up and video link range up to 20kms.

    Ideal for surveyors, research institutes, inspection, emergency responders, search and rescue, surveillance, wildlife monitoring, river and coastal mapping, conservation and environmental efforts, hydrography, marine management, fisheries & water management.

    How does it work? The Aeromapper Talon Amphibious is fully waterproof, externally and internally. Even if filled up completely with water internally, it won’t sink, it won’t suffer any damage. Each component is waterproof and modular, minimizing maintenance costs. This redundant approach that guarantees repeatability and dependability.
    The drone allows for easy operation thanks to its autonomous take off upon hand launch, autonomous navigation, and auto land.

    Capture 20Mp stills or HD video facing down, or add the optional forward-looking camera with long range real-time video link of exceptional image quality. The forward-looking camera can be panned from the hand-held remote control to look sideways and lock on points of interest by loitering the UAV around them. The standard range of the video signal is 15-20 Km but it can be extended to 40km using our 24 dBi parabolic antenna (optional).

    Dependable: Guaranteed survivability even with water intrusion thanks to its redundant design. Even if it gets full of water, it won’t sink and no internal components will suffer any type of damage. Marine grade.

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