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Thread: J.A.E.S.A, Artificial Intelligence, Ainova Robotics Inc., Toronto, Canada

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    J.A.E.S.A, Artificial Intelligence, Ainova Robotics Inc., Toronto, Canada

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    J.A.E.S.A by Ainova Robotics

    Published on Jun 19, 2014

    #1 What is J.A.E.S.A. ?
    J.A.E.S.A. is a multiplatform (iOS, Android, PC) next generation AI system that is capable of and personal assistant capable of talking to a user on any topic, including sophisticated ones, just like a human would. She also has all the generic assistant features, such as web search, gps, weather forecast, she can launch and stop apps,answer calls, text messages etc. She also has extensive security capabilities and integration with Smart House, allowing you to control everything at home by voice.
    #2 When do you plan to release J.A.E.S.A.?
    Exact date is TBD, but we're planning to release it in December 2014 with the scheduled closed beta testing starting in October.

    #3 Once J.A.E.S.A. is released, will you continue adding new features?
    Yes, J.A.E.S.A will be constantly updated based on your feedback. We are seekinig to provide the best user experience and will continiously improve our products.

    #4 Do you have plans to release J.A.E.S.A on Android/Windows/etc.?
    Yes, J.A.E.S.A will be multiplatform, although right now we're putting strong emphasis on iOS development.
    ?#5 There are plans to integrate J.A.E.S.A. with a Smart House project and a mobile security app, Warden. How does that work?
    While J.A.E.S.A will be your conversation partner and a personal assistant on your mobile device, she can be so much more. After release of our Smart House project and Warden security app, we will integrate J.A.E.S.A with them, allowing you to control the lighting, sound, home security, home theater, computers, kitchen appliances, entertainment devices, and thermostat with nothing but your voice! You will also be able to set your plants to be watered automatically and your pets to be fed while you are away and don't let anything to distract you from the matter at hand. With Warden you will also be able to control your mobile device remotely, secure and encrypt information on your it and have complete access to your home security.

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    J.A.E.S.A Demo Video

    Published on Jun 24, 2014

    The second video of testing J.A.E.S.A - a next generation Artificial Intelligence system, created by Ainova Robotics

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    J.A.E.S.A and HUDSON Demo 3

    Published on Jul 18, 2014

    Third demo video, showing an alternate J.A.E.S.A personality, HUDSON, as well a a sneak peek of some house automation and robotics integration

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    J.A.E.S.A promo video

    Published on Nov 10, 2014

    J.A.E.S.A is an innovative Virtual Assistant and Artificial Intelligence, developed by Ainova Robotics. Coming soon to iOS and Android!

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    J.A.E.S.A vs Siri

    Published on Jan 12, 2015

    Artificial Intelligence showdown - who will be better?

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