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Thread: Smart clothing, Athos, Redwood City, California, USA

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    Smart clothing, Athos, Redwood City, California, USA

    Manufacturer - Athos

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    Athos - Upgrade Your Gear, Upgrade Yourself

    Published on Nov 25, 2013

    Athos is a venture-backed startup developing a revolutionary product for the fitness market. We are creating next generation wearable technology that gives you detailed insight into how your body works as you move. That insight is distilled into a beautiful user experience that will enhance your existing routine. Our goal is to empower you to make more informed decisions while pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle.

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    Athos Lab Research

    Published on Mar 6, 2014

    Sneak peak at some of what our researchers look at. This is the research app, NOT the consumer one. We are keeping that one secret for a few more months.

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    Athos Back Extensions

    Published on Sep 29, 2014

    Athos gives you the awareness to Look Within and see if you are working out correctly. Are you using the right muscles? Are you using both sides evenly? Have perfect practice and see results faster!

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    CBS Innovation Nation visits Athos

    Published on Jan 22, 2015

    Adam Yamaguchi and CBS Innovation Nation stop by our headquarters for a workout in Athos gear.

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