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Thread: Hexoskin, biometric shirt for sports training and sleep tracking, Carré Technologies Inc., Montréal, Quebec, Canada

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    Hexoskin Biometric Shirt Is The Future of Fitness Tracking

    Published on Sep 7, 2013

    Hexoskin is a biometric shirt for physical training, sleep monitoring, and health tracking in general. It connects to the iPhone/iPad and Android phones and smart watches via Bluetooth.

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    Hexoskin Biometric Shirts for Fitness and Health Tracking

    Published on Jul 4, 2014

    Hexoskin is a biometric shirt for physical training, sleep monitoring, and health tracking in general. It conveniently connects to your iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Android smart watches via Bluetooth. View in real time your breathing rhythm, minute ventilation, heart rate, steps, cadence and acceleration.
    All your data is stored for free in the cloud, and your web dashboard allows you to review your past trainings and analyze your sleep.

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    Baden Cooke presents Hexoskin

    Published on Jan 26, 2015

    Former Olympic cyclist, Tour De France Green Jersey winner and official Australian Hexoskin ambassador, Baden Cooke presents the Hexoskin biometric smart shirt and explains how it truly helps him monitor and improve his performance.

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    New Hexoskin Smart

    Published on Jan 4, 2016

    Hexoskin is a sensor embedded smart shirt that monitors and records your heart rate, breathing, and movement, when you’re active, and when you’re sleeping. It provides insights on intensity and recovery, calories burned, fatigue level, and sleep quality. Hexoskin connects to Bluetooth Smart compatible apps and devices (see below). All of your data is securely stored, allowing you to see how your physical fitness is evolving in time.

    Hexoskin is a great alternative to heart rate monitor straps that can get uncomfortable in some situations. The shirt, made out of textile imported from Italy, is very comfortable.

    Seamlessly integrate your Hexoskin data into popular apps such as Runkeeper, Strava, Endomondo, MapMyRun, Runtastic, etc.

    Compatible devices include the Tomtom Runner, the Suunto Ambit3, the Wahoo line of bike computers, etc.

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    Hexoskin Smart presents: The Hexoskin Sessions with Ariane Lavigne

    Published on Jan 4, 2016

    Ex-Olympic athlete Ariane Lavigne shares with us why she chose to include Hexoskin in her snowboarding training.

    She talks about how she combines data and video to analyses her breathing. But also how she appreciates having all those quality fitness tests in the palm of her hand.

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    HexoSkin Health Tracking Part 2 Live from CES 2016

    Published on Jan 9, 2016

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    Engadget editors discuss wearable health sensors at CES 2016

    Published on Jan 10, 2016

    Engadget host Kerry Davis, managing editor Terrence O'Brien and editor-in-chief Michael Gorman discuss what it was like to walk around Vegas in the HexoSkin smart shirt.

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