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Thread: Soft Robotics Inc., soft robotics technology, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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    Soft Robotics Inc. - bakery automation with a soft touch

    Published on Sep 12, 2016

    Soft Robotics is bringing a soft touch to bakery automation.

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    Soft Robotics - tomato size sorting/packing

    Published on Sep 14, 2016

    Soft Robotics brings automation to tomato greenhouse packing operations. In this video, we demonstrate a single tool picking densely-packed tomatoes from one tray and sorting them by size to a second tray.

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    Soft Robotics Inc. - robotic handling of bagged baked goods

    Published on Sep 26, 2016

    Soft Robotics is bringing a soft touch to bakery automation. In this video we demonstrate our tools gently packing baked pretzels and bread loafs. Our tools handle variations in bag dimensions without any change in programming.

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    Soft Robotics' octopus-inspired robots industrial grippers

    Published on Mar 27, 2017

    Boston-based Soft Robotics brings cephalopod-inspired robotic grippers to a wide variety of factories.
    "How marine biology inspired Soft Robotics’ industrial grippers"

    by Brian Heater
    April 1, 2017

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    Soft Robotics can empty this bin. Can you? - See in person at Automate 2017

    Published on Mar 27, 2017

    To see the solution for yourself, join us at Automate Booth 2244

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    Soft Robotics Development Kit unboxing

    Published on Apr 19, 2017

    The Soft Robotics Development Kit contains everything you need to set up and run your first Soft Robotics application in under an hour on your current robotic system. By the time you’re finished, your eyes will be opened to a whole world of automated possibilities.

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    Introduction to the Soft Robotics Development Kit

    Published on Jul 11, 2017

    This video highlights the unparalleled capabilities of the Soft Robotics Development Kit. Designed to integrate with any commercial industrial or collaborative robot, the SRDK provides you a personalized, customizable gripper that perfectly suits your application and solves your automation challenges.

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    Meet Soft Robotics Inc.

    Published on Jul 14, 2017

    Adaptive and agile grasping is one of the most significant technology gaps in robotics today. By leveraging material science to build robotic grippers that mimic the grasping capabilities of the human hand, we, at Soft Robotics, are able to enable industrial applications that were previously off-limits to automation.

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    Soft Robotics automation egg demonstration

    Published on Jul 21, 2017

    Soft Robotics Inc. specializes in grasping and manipulating difficult, sensitive items with ease. Our soft grippers can be constructed in a sanitary design language using FDA compliant materials - ensuring the quality and integrity of your application is uncompromised.

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