AI, surgical automation, machine teaching & the future of (robotic) surgery

Sep 15, 2020

Prakash Gatta, surgeon, Esophageal Surgery, MultiCare Health System

“Robotic Surgery” or “Digital Surgery” are now not just fanciful yet expensive tools to make us better surgeons but are now the nerve center of the OR-where this hardware (now powered by AI) is a central hub of collecting data (how good is the surgeon performing), a predictor of surgical outcomes (the “robot” calculates a higher than average Anastomotic failure (leak) rate becuase the surgeon took 40% longer than average), a teacher of sorts (providing helpful intraoperative guardrails & “lane departure warning systems” to guide the student or novice about any deviation from the gold standard operation) and ultimately (under the real surgeons watchful eye) will perform certain segments of the (anastomoses) where the complications lie.