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    Boogio puts sensors in your shoes for a more immersive gaming experience

    Published on Mar 10, 2014

    Reflx Labs' Boogio wants to make any shoe a smart shoe by using a sensor insole and 3D accelerometer. Target markets include gaming and diagnostics.

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    Lenovo Smart Shoe Prototype Hands On

    Published on May 28, 2015

    Lenovo Smart Shoe Lenovo's smart shoe is a proof of concept which tracks and analyses health and fitness data. It connects to your smartphone through and app and leverages the cloud in it's data analysis. The shoe also comes with LEDs on the side which can be manipulated.

    The smart shoe concept is part of Lenovo’s move towards the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) strategy.

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    Lenovo's Smart Lifestyle Sneakers at CES Asia 2016!

    Published on May 25, 2016

    We check out Lenovo's innovative new Smart Lifestyle Sneakers that is powered by Intel Curie and created in conjunction with Vibram at the Intel Booth at CES Asia 2016!

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    5 crazy shoe inventions you must see!

    Published on Apr 20, 2016


    1. Zubits: Your shoes just got insanely easy! Zubits make them magnetic. Lace Zubits onto your own shoelaces & they become fast & easy to put on & take off. No tying, knots, or messy bows. Just a clean look.
    2. Night Runner 270 degree Shoe Lights: safely illuminate your path to run, walk, bike, and hike from dusk until dawn. See More / Run More
    3. BASE by Wiivv : a custom, 3D printed insole that uses a smart phone to capture your feet. Your shoes, made better with technology.
    4. ENKO Running Shoe : Comfort and Power. Enko is a new type of running shoes, based on a unique and revolutionary technology.
    5. Shooz: The World's First Modular-Tech TRAVEL SHOE. MODULAR-TECH patented footwear to Travel lighter, Customize and Reduce your carbon footprint.

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    The gait and activity monitoring smart insoles

    Published on Jan 9, 2017

    Learn more about The Gait And Activity Monitoring Smart Insoles:
    "The Gait And Activity Monitoring Smart Insoles."

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    Under Armour Record Equipped Shoes | Connecting

    Published on May 1, 2017

    Ready to run smarter? Connecting your UA Record Equipped Shoes is easy. You’ll be out the door and running in 1-2-3.

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    Article "Google buys sneaker-scanning machine learning company Moodstocks"
    The French company will close down its object recognition API after staff join Google's Parisian R&D team

    by Peter Sayer
    July 6, 2016

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    These smart shoes order pizza!!

    Published on Mar 14, 2018

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    Shoe tying robot

    Published on Jul 25, 2018

    Automated shoe tying machine made by mechanical engineering students from the University of California, Davis.

    Andrew Choi
    Gabriela Gomes
    Jacklyn Tran
    Stephanie Thai
    Joel Humes

    The machine was made with the limitations of using only two motors as well as a $600 budget.

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