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Thread: Volocopter, electric multirotor helicopter, e-volo GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany

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    Multicopters Take Flight

    Published on Apr 15, 2016

    The Volocopter VC200 made aircraft history on March 30, 2016 as the first certified multicopter to fly with a person onboard. Designed by German company e-volo, this electric aircraft gives people a glimpse into a future where, one day, travel may exist above street traffic. “The Volocopter is super easy to fly, silent and built with electrical simplicity compared to helicopters, which are difficult to fly, loud and mechanically complex,” said Jan Stumpf, CEO of Ascending Technologies, an Intel company that has worked with e-volo since 2013.

    Technology developed by Ascending Technologies enabled the flight controls, motor electronics and key elements that extend multi-rotor UAV technology to this new type of aircraft.

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    Volocopter VC200 – Dynamic performance flight tests (unmanned)

    Published on Jul 24, 2016

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    RTA and Volocopter operate Autonomous Air Taxi (AAT) in Dubai

    Published on Jun 19, 2017

    Our vision becomes reality: Dubai’s government “Roads and Transport Authority” (RTA) has signed an agreement with us regarding the regular test mode of autonomous air taxis in the emirate.
    The test will start in the fourth quarter of 2017, and the project has been scheduled to run for five years.
    We are focused on making flying an option for everyone and on re-inventing mobility in urban areas. We established our place in aviation history in 2011 with the world´s first manned flight of an electric multicopter. The introduction of its latest model, Volocopter 2X, has made us a global leader when it comes to safety and autonomous flying.
    18 rotors, fully redundant power trains and an intelligent autonomous control system offer maximum reliability “made in Germany”. Now this technology will experience further testing in Dubai under extreme climatic conditions. We see Dubai as the pioneer for a huge evolving market and are convinced that many other metropolitan areas will follow.
    For years, our team has developed not only the technology for quiet, safe and emission-free flying, but it is also a pioneer when it comes to close cooperation with aviation authorities and the definition of standards for infrastructure and reliable operation. We now have a fantastic opportunity to work with the RTA on the development and testing of the entire future ecosystem for safe autonomous air transport using Dubai as a first showcase project.

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    Article "This electric multicopter will take to the skies in Dubai later this year"
    Volocopter is coming to the Persian Gulf

    by Andrew J. Hawkins
    June 19, 2017

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    Volocopter at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

    Published on Sep 16, 2017

    Thomas presents the Volocopter 2x and takes you along inside. If you are not able to come to the Motor Show, you can get a little sneak peek here.

    Until 24 September 2017 you can come visit us at the Frankfurt Motor Show and see the Volocopter 2X live.

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    First ever public demonstration of an autonomous urban air taxi in a mega city by volocopter

    Published on Sep 26, 2017

    The first-ever public flight of an autonomous urban air taxi. This establishes the feasibility and safety of airborne taxis as a means of public transportation. Following weeks of intense safety assessments of vehicle, operations and the test site, Volocopter GmbH performed the historic flight on September 25 in Dubai.

    The Volocopter is a fully electrically powered multicopter featuring 18 rotors and is designed to transport people by flight in city areas. Its fully redundant power trains and an intelligent autonomous control system offer maximum reliability “made in Germany”. This technology has now been tested under the extreme climatic conditions of Dubai. The demonstration fulfilled the strict prerequisites of Dubai’s aviation authorities.

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    Dubai's flying drone taxi service is lifting off

    Published on Sep 26, 2017

    The autonomous passenger drone service would be the first in the world

    Dubai was serious when it said it wants to be first in the world to offer a flying taxi service. That's why on Monday, it staged a maiden test flight for one of its potential taxis: a two-seater, 18-rotor unmanned flying vehicle made by German firm Volocopter, which is backed by fellow German company Daimler. The automated vehicle, which lifts and lands vertically like a helicopter, whisked Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed away for a five-minute flight 200 meters above a patch of sand.

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    The story of Volocopter & Lab1886/Daimler

    Published on Oct 16, 2017

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    The Volocopter 2X. Mobility in the next dimension

    Published on Oct 16, 2017

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    Volocopter - Making of Dubai public demonstration flight

    Published on Nov 14, 2017

    More images of our flight in Dubai in September 2017 including more footage from our preparation flights in the desert.

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