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    Meet the most human-like robots of all time

    Jul 24, 2020

    For some reason, we humans seem to be hell bent on making robots that look like us. One thing is for sure though: we’ve been making humanoid robots for a long time, and they’re starting to get really good.

    This is Robots Everywhere -- a show where we chronicle the slow but steady takeover of our future robot overlords, and show you how they’re making their way into practically every facet of modern life.
    "Robots Everywhere: The promise of humanoid robots"

    by Todd Werkhoven
    July 24, 2020

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    Article "Humanoid robots could generate $154 billion in revenue over next 15 years, Goldman Sachs reports"
    The investment giant was inspired by Tesla’s Optimus to conduct the report.

    by Loukia Papadopoulos
    November 5, 2022

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    Smallest humanoid robot - 141 mm (5.55 in) made by DBS Robotics

    Feb 5, 2024

    The smallest humanoid robot is 141 mm (5.55 in) and was achieved by members of the DBS Robotics team (China) at the Diocesan Boys’ School (DBS) in Hong Kong SAR, China, on 6 January 2024.
    "World’s smallest humanoid robot built by Hong Kong students"

    by Sanj Atwal
    February 2, 2024
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