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Thread: Hot Wheels AI, set of toy racing cars, Mattel, Inc., El Segundo, California, USA

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    Smyths Toys - Hot Wheels A.I. Starter Set

    Published on Feb 17, 2017

    Get behind the wheel of the Hot Wheels A.I. Starter Set. Experience Hot Wheels racing like never before with the most immersive racing set to date! Hot Wheels A.I. uses computer enhanced Artificial Intelligence to help guide your car around the track. But watch out! The A.I. also controls rival racers who will stop at nothing to overtake you and speed to victory. Use your driving skills and launch virtual hazards, like oil spills and tyre blowouts to be the ultimate Hot Wheels champion! Or race off-track with the standalone freeplay mode.

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    The Ultimate Ai racing challenge | Challenge accepted

    Published on Apr 11, 2017

    Kavon and Sebastian burn up the track with the Hot Wheels Ai Racing System— it’s the most immersive racing set ever with computer enhanced Artificial Intelligence! The first Challenge Accepted uses versatile Smart Track for more layouts, Smart Cars that fly and handheld gaming controllers that let them take total control of the racing action. There are three different racing modes but for the first race they use Championship mode. Check it out! The next Challenge is on a different track layout and it’s all about precision. Kavon and Sebastian change out their vehicles with different body shells for more aerodynamic action and… Challenge Accepted!

    The Ai Racing System used in this video include:
    HOT WHEELS® Ai Starter Kit
    HOT WHEELS® Ai Intelligent Race System Track Pack Assortment
    HOT WHEELS® Ai Car Shell and Wheels Assortment
    HOT WHEELS® Ai Intelligent Car + Controller Assortment

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    Introducing Hot Wheels AI Mario Kart Special Edition at Comic Con 2017

    Published on Jul 21, 2017

    The Toys"R"Us team got a sneak peak at Mattel's Hot Wheels AI Mario Kart Special Edition inside the Nintendo gaming lounge at Comic Con 2017. The starter set and Luigi expansion will be available exclusively at Toys"R"Us this fall.

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    Mario Kart gets real with Hot Wheels' smart racetrack

    Published on Jul 24, 2017

    You can hurl virtual bananas and shells at your friends with this Mario Kart special edition of the Hot Wheels AI Intelligent Race System.

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    Osmo Hot Wheels™ MindRacers

    Published on Dec 7, 2017

    Challenge friends and family!

    Whether it’s your sibling, parent or neighbor down the street, race one-on-one in competitive mode or work together to win challenges in cooperative mode.

    Explore the epic world of Hot Wheels™!

    Launch real Hot Wheels™ cars at the starting line, send them speeding down the ramp and — ZOOM! — race on track through 8 different digital worlds that deliver unique thrills and challenges around every corner.

    Play fast, think fast!

    Strategize, anticipate, and react for real-time results. Throw down tangible tokens to control your race car’s actions. Each race is a new challenge for players’ brains and reflexes.

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