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    Warehouse Robots at Work

    Uploaded on Jul 21, 2008

    IEEE spectrum takes you inside Kiva Systems' robotic warehouse, where orange robots make inventory move instead of workers. Over time the system becomes increasingly efficient, with the robots learning from the wisdom of the crowd.

    To read more about Kiva Systems and how their robots work, check out the article at

    "Three Engineers, Hundreds of Robots, One Warehouse"
    Kiva Systems wants to revolutionize distribution centers by setting swarms of robots loose on the inventory

    by Erico Guizzo
    July 2, 2008

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    Look, no hands! E-commerce's favorite little robot
    May 4, 2013

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    CNET Update - Retailers use new tech to track you in stores - and in dressing rooms

    Published on Jan 14, 2015

    Smart shelves know what products you touch, shopping carts come loaded with tablets, and dressing room mirrors know what you try on and ask for your phone number. The National Retail Federation's annual trade show reveals how tech changes the way we shop.

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    CSIRO on a GoPro: the Robot Warehouse

    Published on Sep 9, 2015

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    A Robot at Best Buy Sells CDs, DVDs, Games

    Published on Oct 5, 2015

    Best Buy is experimenting with full automation -- in the form of a robot -- to sell a decidedly old-fashioned medium -- CDs and DVDs. We went to Best Buy to buy a CD and never talked to a human being. Instead, a computer and robot called Chloe sold us a CD.
    Article "Best Buy tests robot at New York store"

    by Kavita Kumar
    September 26, 2015

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    Next-generation warehouse automation

    Published on Feb 10, 2016

    A breakthrough in radio design – the most densely packed mobile network in the world.

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    Transforming warehouse automation

    Published on Feb 10, 2016

    A new wireless control system is transforming the warehouse automation solution used by Ocado. The technology enables the online grocery retailer to control and co-ordinate the movements of hundreds of thousands of crates containing millions of grocery items, in real time and in parallel. It means that Ocado’s innovative next-generation warehouse is home to the most densely packed mobile network in the world.

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    Top 14 mobile platforms

    Published on Jun 20, 2016

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    Inside a robot-run warehouse - BBC Click

    Published on Jun 29, 2016

    About 20,000 packages an hour are sorted by machine at's largest robot-run warehouse in Shanghai, China.

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