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Thread: "EXT", short sci-fi film, Adrian Bobb, 2019, USA

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    "EXT", short sci-fi film, Adrian Bobb, 2019, USA

    "EXT" on IMDb

    "200 years after humanity has abandoned the real world for a digital one, the system's most talented security agent is forced out of retirement to recruit and lead a team of talented warriors to eliminate a threat from a world no one has seen for centuries. The real world."
    Adrian Bobb

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    EXT short trailer (2019)

    Premiered Mar 29, 2019

    Trailer for the 2019 proof of concept short film, "EXT".

    Written and Directed by Adrian Bobb
    Starring: Cara Gee, Zoe Doyle
    Music by: Dillon Baldassero

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    A sci-fi short film: "EXT" - by Adrian Bobb

    Feb 21, 2021

    TheCGBros Presents "EXT" by Adrian Bobb - In the snow-covered ruins of 24th century Toronto, AEGIS, a humanoid war machine, leads a team of five similar yet unique machines into the EXT, the new real-world to retake an enemy-occupied server installation vital to the survival of their digital homeland.
    During an attempt to ambush a large pack of enemy-controlled war-drones, AEGIS recalls an interrogation with the enemy’s founder, an extremist named KYM MINAMOTO...AEGIS’s mother.
    As AEGIS fights for her life in the real world, she recalls the emotional fight for her identity in the INT, her digital homeland as she and her mother argue over the true nature of humanity and AEGIS’s role within it. For more information, please see the details and links below:

    Written and Directed by Adrian Bobb
    Produced by Zeus Pictures

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Социальные закладки

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