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    Article "Researchers unveil lie-detecting robot kiosks that could help airports spot possible terrorists"
    It's called Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessment in Real Time (AVATAR)
    Robot uses eye-detection software and array of sensors to detect signs of lying
    Once it becomes suspicious, it can flag the passenger for further inspection

    by Cheyenne Macdonald
    December 28, 2016

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    Police drone unit

    Published on Jul 14, 2017

    Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police launch the UK's first operational Drone Unit
    Historic day for the Alliance
    Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police have become the first police forces in the UK to launch a fully operational drone unit.

    The latest in drone technology has been trialled in the respective forces since November 2015 and such has been their benefit, an operational drone unit has been created; the first of its kind in the UK.

    Chief Superintendent Jim Nye, Commander for the Alliance Operations Department, said: “This is an historic step for the Alliance and policing in the UK; Drone capability is a cutting edge way to support operational policing across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.

    “This technology offers a highly cost effective approach in supporting our officers on the ground in operational policing.

    “Drones will aid officers as part of missing person searches; crime scene photography; responding to major road traffic collisions; coastal and woodland searches and to combat wildlife crime.

    “Drones can even help police track and monitor suspects during a firearm or terrorist incident, as it will allow officers to gain vital information, quickly, safely, and allow us to respond effectively at the scene.

    “Being the first police forces in the country to have a stand-alone, fully operational drone unit is a great source of pride for the Alliance, and proves that we continue to work hard to find innovative ways to adapt to the ever-changing policing landscape.”

    Drone Team Manager, Andy Hamilton, said: “It is fantastic to see both forces working together to lead the way in utilising new, cutting-edge technology. Having previously been a police officer for 30 years, I have seen how technology has changed and can help us become more efficient in what we are trying to achieve.

    “An example of this is historically, any aerial photos or videos have been captured by The National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter; this is not always the best use of resources. Instead of always sending a helicopter on an hour’s flight to take a few photos of a crime scene, we can now use a drone to carry out the same task.

    “Whilst drones will enhancing our roads policing function, I also see this technology being able to complement NPAS by allowing helicopters to be available for more serious incidents across the South West.”

    The Drone Unit is currently using a DJI Inspire drone equipped with a zoom camera and a thermal imaging to allow for operational use 24 hours a day. The camera is HD/4K quality and can capture both video and still images. We have also purchased a smaller DJI Mavic to test its portability as it is smaller and lighter in weight.

    We currently have six drones in operational use based in Plymouth and Dorset. In the coming months, drones will be in roads policing vehicles across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, offering on the move, 24/7 support to operational policing across the Alliance.

    Chief Supt Nye, continued: “At present we have five officers trained across both forces. Over the next twelve months we are aiming to have a further 40 officers having completed their Civil Aviation (CAA) training, allow them to be fully accredited and enable them to operate the drone.

    “We will also be adding to the number of drones we have as the number of trained officer’s increases.”

    The Drone Unit has a strong following on Twitter. @PoliceDrones has been keeping the public informed about where and when the drone is in operational use within Devon and Cornwall, and Dorset since the trail began in November 2015.

    The team also shares operational footage and images of the drone in action via this handle.
    "Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police launch the UK's first operational Drone Unit"

    July 14, 2017

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    AI detectives are cracking open the black box of deep learning

    Published on Jul 6, 2017

    As neural nets push into science, researchers probe back.
    "How AI detectives are cracking open the black box of deep learning"

    by Paul Voosen
    July 6, 2017

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    AI could discover who betrayed Anne Frank

    Published on Oct 5, 2017

    Anne Frank on Wikipedia

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    Article "In China, these facial-recognition glasses are helping police to catch criminals"
    Officers are using the technology at a railway station in Henan province during the Lunar New Year holiday period to search for wanted criminals

    by Kinling Lo
    February 7, 2018

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    Article "A pioneer in predictive policing is starting a troubling new project"
    Pentagon-funded research aims to predict when crimes are gang-related

    by Ali Winston and Ingrid Burrington
    April 26, 2018

    Jeffrey Brantingham

    PredPol, Inc.

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    The danger of predictive algorithms in criminal justice

    Published on Oct 2, 2018

    Predictive algorithms may help us shop, discover new music or literature, but do they belong in the courthouse? Dartmouth professor Dr. Hany Farid reverse engineers the inherent dangers and potential biases of recommendations engines built to mete out justice in today's criminal justice system. The co-founder and CTO of Fourandsix Technologies, an image authentication and forensics company, Hany Farid works to advance the field of digital forensics.

    Hany said, “For the past decade I have been working on technology and policy that will find a balance between an open and free Internet while reining in online abuses. With approximately a billion Facebook uploads per day and 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, this task is technically and logistically complicated but also, I believe, critical to the long-term health of our online communities.”

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    Police using AI to spot fake robbery claims

    Published on Nov 20, 2018

    Police are now using AI to spot fake robbery claims. Spain adopted the artificial intelligence system capable of uncovering fake crime and
    theft claims.

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