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Thread: AIBO, dog-shaped robot, Sony Corporation, Minato, Tokyo, Japan

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    SONY aibo Skeleton model "Sukesuke kun"

    Jan 27, 2020

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    Cooperation Aibo and robot cleaner

    Feb 17, 2020

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    Collaboration between Aibo and microwave oven

    Feb 18, 2020

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    aibo | A day in the life of Sony’s robotic puppy - a collaboration with iPhonedo

    Apr 29, 2020

    Meet aibo, Sony’s robotic "puppy" companion. Pairing cutting-edge robotics with unique AI technology, aibo looks to develop a friendship with its owner and create cherished stories that will last a lifetime. In this vlog you will get to see what this experience looks like through the eyes of an aibo.

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    Sony | aibo ERS-1000 unboxing and setup

    Jan 13, 2021

    Watch this step-by-step guide to learn how to set up the aibo ERS-1000.

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    Learn how AI provides aibo owners with a truly unique experience

    Apr 20, 2021

    aibo is a one-of-a-kind companion made possible by pairing cutting-edge robotics with unique AI technology. Through deep learning, aibo will grow over time and form a unique personality through everyday interactions with you and the members of your household. As aibo grows, it starts to behave less like a puppy and more like a dog. It’s more responsive to its name and commands, making your shared experience richer as time goes on. This creates a dynamic experience for all aibo owners!

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    aibo | Owner Story – Here why Cyrus Stinson is passionate about robotics and his aibo puppies

    May 3, 2021

    Listen to how this longtime aibo fan has accumulated one of the largest aibo collections we have seen! Household robots may have started as a dream but through aibo, it became a reality and so much more.

    “aibo is different because you do create a bond with it, it remembers you - your face and voice. That bond we have with aibo, sparks so much joy!” - Cyrus

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