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  1. #1, Inc., electronic commerce company, Seattle, Washington, USA

    Website - on Wikipedia

    Founder, Chairman and CEO - Jeff Bezos

    CTO - Werner Vogels

    Vice President, Alexa AI - Prem Natarajan

    Vice President and Head Scientist, Alexa Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Rohit Prasad

    Vice President, Alexa and Amazon Digital Services - Charles (Chuck) Moore

    Vice President and Distinguished Engineer - Brad Porter

    Vice President and GM, Amazon Physical Retail, Amazon Go - Dilip Kumar

    Vice President of Alexa Experience & Echo Devices - Toni Reid Thomelin

    Vice President of the Machine Learning Solutions Lab - Michelle Lee

    Leader of Forecasting & Capacity Planning at Amazon - Jenny Freshwater

    SVP, Devices - David Limp

    Amazon Lab126, Inc. is a subsidiary of Inc.

    Amazon Web Services Inc. is a subsidiary of Inc.

    Amazon Technologies, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Inc.

    Products and projects:

    AutoGluon, AutoML toolkit for deep learning

    re:Invent, global cloud computing conference

    re:MARS, AI and robotics conference

    MARS, yearly event in Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space

    Project Kuiper, satellite constellation

    Amazon Scout, autonomous delivery system

    AWS DeepRacer, autonomous race car and autonomous racing league

    Vesta, home robot

    AR view, shopping feature previews products in your home

    Amazon Key, indoor security camera and smart lock

    Gluon, deep learning library

    Amazon Echo Buttons

    Echo Connect


    Echo Auto

    Echo Loop, smart ring

    Echo Glow, multicolor smart lamp for kids

    Echo Buds, wireless headphones

    Echo Frames, smart glasses

    Amazon Smart Oven

    AmazonBasics Microwave, voice-controlled microwave

    Amazon Echo Family, smart speakers

    Echo Dot Kids Edition, voice assistant device

    Echo Dot, voice assistant device

    Echo Flex, plug-in smart speaker

    Echo Studio, high-end smart speaker

    Amazon Echo, voice assistant device

    Echo Plus, smart speaker

    Echo Spot, smart speaker with a built-in screen

    Echo Show, smart speaker with a built-in screen

    Echo Look, hands-free camera style assistant


    Amazon Tap, voice assistant device

    Dash Wand, Alexa-enabled grocery assistant device

    Just Walk Out, cashierless store technology

    Amazon Go, grocery store without cash, lines and checkout

    Amazon Picking Challenge, warehouse robot challenge

    Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS)

    Amazon Prime Air

    Wearables store

    Fire Phone, smartphone

    Kiva, warehouse robot

    Amazon Appstore, app store for the Android operating system

    Amazon Machine Learning

    Alexa Fund, investment to fuel voice technology innovation

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    Article "Amazon acquires Ring in a bid to own your doorway"
    Amazon now owns the maker of the Ring Video Doorbell.

    by Andrew Gebhart
    February 27, 2018

    Ring Inc.

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    Article "Is Amazon Unstoppable?"
    Politicians want to rein in the retail giant. But Jeff Bezos, the master of cutthroat capitalism, is ready to fight back.

    by Charles Duhigg
    October 10, 2019

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    Article "Amazon will launch new grocery store as alternative to Whole Foods"
    The company confirmed plans for a new store format after job openings were posted Monday.

    by Ben Fox Rubin
    November 11, 2019

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